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These tracks are a bit more challenging than EASY GROOVE PACK and INTERMEDIATE GROOVE PACK. You've got 2 swing tracks that zip along at mm 200 and 240, plus a samba at mm 200. Keeping a steady 6/8 feel on All Blues Changes is trickier than you might think. Then there's a track that goes back and forth between swing and latin grooves, and your first foray into 5/4. If you've come this far, you won't need a click track for these.
(mm= 240) 12 bar blues NO CHART (4:00)

SLOW 12 BAR 6/8: All Blues changes
(mm= 105) (4:40)

UPTEMPO 32 BAR SWING: Rhythm changes
(mm= 200) AABA form (4:50)

MEDIUM 16/8/16 BAR SAMBA: One Note Samba changes
(mm= 200) (4:10)

UPTEMPO 32 BAR LATIN/SWING: Green Dolphin Street changes
(mm= 200) ABAB form (3:20)

MEDIUM 24 BAR 5/4 SWING: Take Five changes
(mm= 168) ABA form (3:00)

    NO Click Track     SEE THE CHARTS sample

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