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Another set of 6 Latin jazz grooves with 2 different mixes: one with piano, bass and a full Latin rhythm section and one with just bass and percussion. Like the first AFRO CUBAN set, these tracks are presented in association with Sher Music, and are excerpted from The Latin Bass Book. This set continues your exploration of latin jazz grooves, presenting the cha cha and some cool 6/8 rhythms. You are sure to have a great time with these tracks.
Cha Cha
(mm = 122) (2:44)

Dejala Cha Cha
(Dejala Que Siga Andando changes)
(mm = 132) (2:52)

Fast Afro-Cuban 6/8
(mm = 132) (3:53)

Fast Songo 3-2
(mm = 106) (3:18)

Guaracha 3-2 into 6/8
(mm = 96) (3:19)

Slow Afro-Cuban 6/8
(mm = 112) (3:11)

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