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These tunes, and the ones you can play with in our STANDARDS GROOVE PACK, are essential pieces for your growing repertoire. The more you get familiar with the specifics of these tunes, the more confidence (and fun) you'll have playing them. And you'll be at the top of the list when other musicians need a drummer for their sessions. Grab the TRIO version for the most affordable drumset lesson you'll ever have.
MEDIUM UPTEMPO SWING: Afternoon In Paris Changes
(mm= 196) (3:02)

MEDIUM TEMPO SWING: All The Things You Are Changes
(mm= 128) (3:59)

SLOW SWING: Doxy Changes
(mm= 108) (3:21)

UPTEMPO SWING Groovin High Changes
(mm= 200) (3:21)

MEDIUM TEMPO SWING: Lady Bird/Half Nelson Changes
(mm= 188) (2:53)

(mm= 150) (3:20)

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