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Just starting to get into jazz? These tracks, along with our CONTEMPO GROOVE PACK, will help you improve the two most basic elements of your playing: tempo and groove. Choose CLICK or NO CLICK (or both) - it's up to you. This set has three common swing tempos, a slow bossa nova and a typical 12/8 jazz ballad. Have fun with these!
(mm= 120) 12 bar blues NO CHART(4:00)

SLOW 32 BAR SWING: Satin Doll changes
(mm= 110) AABA form (4:45)

SLOW 16 BAR BOSSA: Blue Bossa changes
(mm= 110) (4:00)

SLOW 12 BAR SWING: Freddie the Freeloader changes
(mm= 100) NO CHART (4:00)

32 BAR 12/8 BALLAD: Georgia On My Mind changes
(mm= 80) AABA form (3:20)

    NO Click Track     SEE THE CHARTS sample
    WITH Click Track sample

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