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As you progress, you'll be playing with better and better musicians who will want you to be familiar with jazz standards. These are tunes that musicians all over the world play all the time. Hey, that's why they call them standards! This set and BEBOP STANDARDS will help you learn these songs. Pick up the TRIO versions of these tracks (for half price) and get some ideas from the seasoned pro drummer who plays on these tracks.
MEDIUM TEMPO SWING: Autumn Leaves changes
(mm= 120) (4:20)

JAZZ BALLAD: For All We Know changes
(mm= 72) (4:30)

UPTEMPO JAZZ WALTZ: Hello Young Lovers changes
(mm= 174) (3:55)

MEDIUM TEMPO SWING: My Romance changes
(mm= 140) (3:47)

SAMBA: Triste changes
(mm= 160) (4:10)

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