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ii-7 / V7 / IM7 / VI7(b9) This simple 4 bar progression adds a resolution chord (I) to the ii/V and uses the VI chord to return (or turnaround) to the ii chord. It is found in such tunes as Lady Be Good, I've Got You Under My Skin, Shiny Stockings, Chelsea Bridge, Gone With The Wind.

This progression frequently starts on the I chord (IM7 / VI7 / ii-7 / V7) and can be found in hundreds of tunes, including Blue Moon, Since I Fell For You, Moonlight In Vermont, I Got Rhythm, These Foolish Things, Polka Dots and Moonbeams.

Need an easier tempo? Check out SLOW MAJOR TURNAROUND

Medium swing tempo (mm= 102)
12 tracks, one in each key. Each track is about 4 minutes long.    SEE THE CHANGES


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For help with these tracks, watch Jazz Guitar Voicings: Major Turnaround

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