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A set of 6 Latin jazz tracks with bass and a full Latin rhythm section. These tracks are presented in association with Sher Music, and are excerpted from the excellent Latin Bass Book. You will have a great time playing with these exceptional musicians. Want more tracks like these? Go to AFRO CUBAN TRAX 2.
Guaracha 3-2 Turnaround
Key of F: iii / VI / ii / V mm = 184 (2:18)

Guaracha 2-3 Basic Tumbao
Keys of E, G, Bb and Db: I7 / VII7 (Killer Joe changes) mm = 205 (3:47)

Son-Pachanga in 4 Keys
Keys of Am, Cm, Ebm, F#m: i / iv / V / i mm = 156 (2:49)

Guaracha 3-2 Turnaround
Key of Cm: i / bIII7 / bVI7 / bII7 mm = 180 (3:22)

Key of D: I / IV / V / I and a "rhythm" bridge mm = 195 (3:00)

Guaracha 2-3 Turnaround in C and Eb
Keys of C and Eb: I / vi / ii / V mm = 182 (2:20)

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