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My Romance Changes

Medium Swing (mm= 130) sample
Key of C     SEE THE CHART    $2.00

Key of Eb     SEE THE CHART    $2.00

Key of F     SEE THE CHART    $2.00

Key of Gb     SEE THE CHART    $2.00

Key of Ab     SEE THE CHART    $2.00

Key of Bb     SEE THE CHART    $2.00
My Romance Changes Keys of: C, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, Bb

SEE THE CHANGES (C instruments)
SEE THE CHANGES (Bb instruments)
SEE THE CHANGES (Eb instruments)

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2 Responses to My Romance Changes for Horn Players

  1. Robert Berdan says:

    I am using the Ultimate Jazz Fake book Bb edition – and every song I look up that is in the book, you don’t have it in the same key as my music – waht gives I would like My Romance in D-Major, Fly me to the moon in G-Major, Misty in Bb Major – can’t find any tracks in the same keys as my fake book.
    What gives?

    • admin says:

      Robert, I’m guessing that the keys you’re talking about are “Bb” related. In other words, if you’re looking for My Romance in D (for your Bb instrument) that translates to the concert key of C, which is the standard key and is available on this page. Fly Me to the Moon would be concert F major (available here: We don’t have a track for Misty. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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