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This progression is based on George Gershwin's song I Got Rhythm, and has been used for many swing and bebop era compositions, such as Oleo, Anthropology, Rhythm-A-Ning, Cottontail, The Flintstones (TV Theme).

Need an easier tempo? Check out SLOW RHYTHM CHANGES

Uptempo swing (mm= 195)
12 tracks, one in each key. Each track is about 4 minutes long.

SEE THE CHANGES (C instruments)
SEE THE CHANGES (Bb instruments)
SEE THE CHANGES (Eb instruments)

This set is available as a physical CD from CDBaby.

Purchase a lead sheet for I Got Rhythm from OnlineSheetMusic

Purchase a classic recording:

I Got Rhythm (Don Byas/Slam Stewart)
Oleo (Miles Davis)
I Got Rhythm / Rhythm-a-Ning (Sheila Jordan)
Anthropology (Charlie Parker)

For help with these tracks, watch Jazz Sax Lesson: Rhythm Changes

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