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More progressions based on Great American Songbook standards, with PIANO, BASS and DRUMS (Trio) accompaniment. Each song has a simple arrangement (intro, song form, ending) and is available here in 6 Keys. You can purchase each tune separately or buy them all in STANDARDS PACK #5 for a great discounted price. You can also purchase all 6 tunes in STANDARD KEYS.
How Deep Is The Ocean
How Long Has This Been Going On
Like Someone In Love
Stormy Weather
Too Marvelous For Words
What's New?
ALL 6 tunes in Standard Keys

How Deep Is The Ocean in Cm
How Long Has This Been Going On in G
Like Someone In Love in C
Stormy Weather in G
Too Marvelous For Words in G
What's New in C

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SEE THE CHANGES (C instruments)
SEE THE CHANGES (Bb instruments)
SEE THE CHANGES (Eb instruments)
STANDARDS PACK #5 All 6 tunes in all 6 keys
36 tracks for $36 (SAVE $18)
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2 Responses to Jazz Standards for Horn Players Pack 5

  1. Tom Farnsworth says:

    Dear PJN,

    As it happens I’m looking for some new backing tracks right now. I would buy your product but I don’t see any link to a source for a lead sheet. I need a score not just a set of changes.



    • admin says:

      Hi Tom,
      We’re not permitted to offer scores or full lead sheets but all of the songs we have tracks for have lead sheets readily available, either in fake books or

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