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To view and purchase the jazz artwork seen on this site, visit

Expert graphic and web designer Jeff Lane:

A Passion for Jazz: Music History and Education:

Get the lowdown from your favorite musicians:

Musicians, educators, researchers, and disc jockeys, use this quick reference site for the standards jazz performers play the most:

The fastest way to access information about all of your favorite jazz artists:

Your direct connection to jazz musicians and their music:

Music - it's what life sounds like:

Looking for an Upright Bass?

The best electric bass strings you'll ever play: RND Strings

International Society of Bassists:

Trackmeister, bassist, educator:

Bassist, writer, connector:

Chicago area bassist and blogger Jason Heath:

Bassist Andrew Pouska, creator of an excellent site for students:

Online guitar lessons covering every major style including acoustic, blues, classical, country, jazz, rock and metal:

Jazz guitar lessons:

Some of the best guitar strings you'll ever use: RND Strings

Our long time friend Fareed Haque uses PlayJazzNow tracks for his excellent series of video lessons: Jazz Comping Survival Guide.

Blues harmonica virtuoso and expert instructor Adam Gussow:

Great saxophone resource:

One of the most thorough resources for sax:

Saxophonist and instructor Evan Tate, author of: 250 Jazz Patterns

Another one for saxophonists:

Complete Jazz Styles instructional materials:

Dedicated to the study of jazz improvisation:

A good site (in Spanish) for clarinetists:

The name says it all:

Good etude books for blues and rhythm changes:

Jazz singers and jazz-influenced singers of popular song:

Check out drumsets, cymbals, hardware, drum gear new product releases:

An online outlet for drummer's music:

T-shirts, gifts and free drum lessons:

Custom drum tracks:
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