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Due to the high expense of producing new backing tracks and the easy availability of free (if not very good) tracks elsewhere, we are no longer releasing new recordings. It has become financially impossible to add new tracks in this environment.

We will continue to operate the website 'as is' for as long as possible. Please have a look around and see if there might be some tracks you'd like to add to your collection.

DRUMMERS! Many of you have asked for backing tracks that include space for "trading 4's". We heard you! Here's your chance to trade 4's and 8's with the rest of the trio on some great bebop tunes. Go HERE for samples of each track, with and without click.

We now have an extensive selection of DRUMS ONLY tracks. These are Swing, Latin and Funk grooves designed for anyone who wants to practice, compose or perform with a "live" drummer.

9 Responses to New Releases

  1. Mario Marrero says:

    heard the sample tracks dounds good I’m a beginner on jazz and would like to learn the technics I’m a bass player

  2. Randy says:

    It’s been quite some time since any new songs have been added to the song list. Are there any plans for anything new in the near future?

  3. Picard says:


    Thank you for your work. It’s very nice. The sound is of great quality. I planning to buy few one soon.

    Can I use your backing for a CD démo ?

    Also, are you planning to record, some miles davis (so what…) and some wes montgomer…:-)

    Keep doing the great work.

    • admin says:

      Glad you like the tracks. I will contact you via email to discuss using our tracks for a demo. Thanks for the suggestions of Miles and Wes – we love that music too!

  4. Randy says:

    It’s now been two years since you’ve added any new songs. I use to check your web site regularly for new stuff. I’ve given up and check maybe every 6 months or so. I’m sure your followers are concerned as I am.

    • admin says:

      Randy, You’re absolutely correct. Financial constraints have been the reason we’ve not been able to produce new tracks. We’re considering some alternatives, including using a crowd-funding strategy like Kickstarter. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.

  5. Hello,
    The PJN player app is a wonderful tool. I purchased two IntermediateTrackPacks that were mp3 only. I could not use the PJN player. .Is possible to label the mp3 selections to avoid the confusion?


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