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Autumn Leaves Changes

Medium Swing (mm= 120)

Bs/Dr Sample sample

Trio Samplesample

Key of Cm     SEE THE CHART    (Bs/Dr) $2.00 Add to Cart         (Trio) $2.00

Key of Dm     SEE THE CHART    (Bs/Dr) $2.00 Add to Cart         (Trio) $2.00

Key of Em     SEE THE CHART    (Bs/Dr) $2.00 Add to Cart         (Trio) $2.00

Key of Fm     SEE THE CHART    (Bs/Dr) $2.00 Add to Cart         (Trio) $2.00

Key of Am     SEE THE CHART    (Bs/Dr) $2.00 Add to Cart         (Trio) $2.00

Key of Bbm     SEE THE CHART    (Bs/Dr) $2.00 Add to Cart         (Trio) $2.00
Autumn Leaves Changes Keys of: Cm, Dm, Em, Fm, Am, Bbm
$9 (SAVE $3)
GREAT DEAL! Buy ALL 6 Keys and get the TRIO version for half price!
12 tracks for $13.50 (SAVE $4.50)
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5 Responses to Autumn Leaves Changes for Pianists

  1. jose says:

    I, iam looking for playalongs, but yours they have no quality mostly in drums, the cymbals are very loud and you need masterizing with good valve compressors.
    With respect

  2. John says:

    I’m enjoying your site, but surprised you don’t have Autumn Leaves in Gm. I’ve always understood that to be the classic key, no?

    Thanks for the work you do to promote jazz education.

  3. Rex McAlister says:

    Nicely played, but would really be nice if they all came with MIDI
    files which would allow a soloist like myself to route the bass
    to one track and the drums to another using a DAW and digital mixer, never-the-less, nice arrangements.

    • admin says:

      These are not MIDI files, they are MP3s because the tracks are created with live musicians not synthesizers. Also, the tracks are mixed for specific instruments. If you want to do what you’re suggesting with DAWs there are other products available elsewhere for that purpose.

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