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The minor version of the blues introduces some interesting harmonic possibilites and is used for these jazz standards: Mr. P.C., Stolen Moments, Equinox, Israel, Birk's Works.

Need a more relaxed tempo? Check out SLOW MINOR BLUES

Medium swing tempo (mm= 135)
12 tracks, one in each key. Each track is about 4 minutes long.    SEE THE CHANGES


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Be sure to download your FREE chart showing the chord changes for every track in each set.

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2 Responses to Minor Blues Tracks for Pianists

  1. Edward McAlister says:

    It would be nice if you could purchase each track individually
    in your preferred key instead of having to purchase all twelve
    tracks just to get the track in the key you would like. Seems
    like it would be easy enough to arrange. Yes?


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment. It would actually take quite a bit of doing on our end to break up this set into individual tracks (and multiply that times several hundred for different track sets and different mixes for each instrumentalist). The logic behind offering these tracks as a teaching tool is so that players can get practice in all 12 keys.

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