videos for pianists

These lessons will help you use our backing tracks to learn how to "comp" and solo on different types of chord progressions.

Jazz Piano Voicings: Major ii/V

Jazz Piano Voicings: Basic Jazz Blues

Jazz Piano: Advanced Solo Concepts for Basic Jazz Blues

4 Responses to Videos for Pianists

  1. Geoff says:

    Very well done; shown and explained so dummies like me can figure it out…..with some practice and work.
    What else have you got for teaching piano jazz technique?


  2. David says:

    I’m new to your site (I’m delighted to find you, your tracks are fantastic! I bought a bunch), and I found y’all because of this clip by this tremendous pianist, Mr Friedman on YouTube. I’ve learned more about building anticipation and voicing the blues from this video tutorial than I can relay.

    So it’s practice practice practice, the key to mastery. Here’s to practicing!!


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