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Autumn Leaves Changes

All of our STANDARDS tracks are rhythm section arrangements based on the chord changes to classic tunes. There are no melodies or lyrics on our tracks but there are links to downloadable published sheet music and outstanding recordings listed below.
Autumn Leaves Changes Keys of: Cm, Dm, Em, Fm, Am, Bbm

Medium Swing (mm= 120)     sample
Key of Cm     SEE THE CHART    $2  
(G to Bb)

Key of Dm     SEE THE CHART    $2  
(A to C)

Key of Em     SEE THE CHART    $2  
(B to D)

Key of Fm     SEE THE CHART    $2  
(C to Eb)

Key of Am     SEE THE CHART    $2  
(E to G)

Key of Bbm     SEE THE CHART    $2  
(F to Ab)

All 6 keys for: $9 (SAVE $3)    SEE ALL THE CHARTS

Purchase a lead sheet for Autumn Leaves from The Digital Real Book

Purchase a classic recording:
Autumn Leaves (Sarah Vaughan)
Autumn Leaves (Miles Davis/Cannonball Adderley)
Autumn Leaves (Stan Getz)
Autumn Leaves (Bill Evans)

Read all about Autumn Leaves at JazzStandards

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Be sure to download your FREE chart showing the chord changes for every track in each set.

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  1. kenia says:

    i am not a musician, but I love singing, is very dificult for me to find the best key for my vocal range. I would love if you could give a free sample of every key available, that would help me to choose the correct key before buying the backing track.

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