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Name: Neil Speers
Link: www.ngmusicnw.co.uk

Comments: I work with pupils aged 8 - 18. I used the tracks with a couple of pupils playing guitar, sax, clarinet and flute. The chord sheets and easy tempo well recorded music provides a backing that creates an enjoyable musical experience allowing pupils to develop confidence and an understanding that could not be achieved easily without. They were a great hit. I have encouraged pupils to visit your site.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to any future recordings.
Name: Michael Kocour
Institutions: Arizona State University
Credentials: Director of Jazz Studies
Link: music.asu.edu/jazz

Comments: Most of my students prefer to download music and have been frustrated that play-alongs have not previously been available in this manner. PlayJazzNow fills that void and more by providing top quality audio examples, straightforward accompaniments that are easy to follow, and that accommodate the needs of all instrumentalists. Thanks for providing such a useful new jazz educational resource. PlayJazzNow will certainly help a lot of students.
Name: Art Davis
Institutions: Northern Illinos University
Credentials: Professor, jazz studies

Comments: A convenient way to bring a top rhythm section to your home! The tracks sound good and really swing.
Name: Ellen Johnson
Institutions: Vocal Visions Media Group; Jazz Vocal Coalition; CSUPomona
Credentials:Professional vocalist, clinician; M.M. Vocal Performance
Link: www.vocalvisions.net; www.ellenjohnson.net

Comments: I am recommending PlayJazzNow to all my students! This is a valuable way to practice and ear train in all keys with basic chord progressions, not to mention how convenient it is to gain access to the tracks online. Thanks for providing these tracks and I look forward to many more ...
Name: Edo Castro
Credentials: Bassist, composer.
Link: www.edocastro.com

Comments: This is a Great Site. I dig what you've done here. This is a beautiful resource for players of all ranges and a great resource for teachers as well. I am surprised it hasn't happened sooner ...
Name: Randy Hunter
Credentials: Saxophonist, jazz educator, author.
Link: www.randyhunterjazz.com

Comments: You've got a great thing happening at PlayJazzNow! I listened to the horn player samples and they sound terrific. I'll be sure to send students to your site.
A nice blog endorsement from Chicago area bassist Jason Heath.
Name: Julie Lendon Stone
Credentials: Vocalist
Link: www.JulieLendon.com

Comments: I would like to congratulate all of you for a job well done. What beautiful and useful tracks! I have purchased all 7 songs in all keys that you have for vocalists. Can't wait till you have more.
Name: Frank R
Credentials: Drummer

Comments: I have a bunch of your material, and I have enjoyed it greatly. This weekend, I heard it on an MP3 player with apparently a much better sound module.†I found the material - stunning. I wound up listening - yes, to those practice tracks - all weekend. You and the drummer really achieve a great groove. Super tight, with impeccable timing and tone. The quality of the recordings really impressed me. †Whatever you did in recording and mixing, do it again - it couldn't have been done better.
Name: Cesar Cison
Credentials: Musician

Comments: First of all, let me thank you for having a site like you have for Jazz enthusiasts and musicians trying to learn Jazz. I am a fan of your site and have purchased many of your Jazz backing tracks. My friends told me that I have tremendously improved my playing since I started practicing using your playalongs. Thank you so much, PlayJazzNow!
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